The Copper Forest … Bosque de Cobre

Autumn in the Genal Valley


In September and October when the summer sun slowly takes a bow and the flowers that decorated the villages of the Genal Valley with their bright reds and pinks have done their job, a new actor slowly takes the stage and the spectacle of The Copper Forest during autumn in the Genal Valley can begin.

Benalauría Villa Sila

The chestnut tree is rich in proteins and low in calories, but its most impressive talent is its flamboyant colour display in autumn in the Genal Valley.

The rolling hills with their irresistible golds, browns and copper become a theatre of nature where a new and more beautiful scene unfolds every day.

This explosion of colours of The Copper Forest during autumn in the Genal Valley is another “must-see” of this rich natural landscape.

This is the time when the local villagers of Alpandeire, Benalauría, Cartajima, Faraján, Genalguacil, Igualeja, Jubrique, Júzcar, Parauta and Pujerra harvest their chestnut crops which are an essential part of the local economy.


The harvest is celebrated in every village and the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the village squares.

Festivals that celebrate The Copper Forest during autumn in the Genal Valley are for example:  Yunquera Chestnut and Wine Festival (21 and 22 October) and the Pujerra Chestnut Festival (28 October).


«It has been a wonderful stay, the beautiful house, the host looking after even the smallest detail.»





 Restaurants and the kitchens of the locals are dominated by the queen of autumn during this time.


Try the mouth-watering lamb stew with chestnuts, chestnut flan or chestnut cream and chestnuts in brandy that is produced right here in Benalauría.



«We were in luxury in a comfortable and quiet little house with lovely views of a valley full of chestnut trees and paths to explore.»

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